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Nice to Meet You!

Hello, I’m Mark. I am a professional freelance web developer who excels at helping people turn their ideas and designs into web sites. My experience ranges from self-managed solo projects to multiple team high-profile commercial sites.

My greatest asset is the ability to bridge the creative and technical worlds. I am equally comfortable in the languages of programming and design. As a result, I fit very well into creative teams who offer web presence to their clients. I’m able to convert designs into functional sites.

I’m a practical teacher. Not in a school or anything, but rather as someone who enjoys spreading knowledge and occasionally a one-on-one or small group tutor. My past is filled with people who have benefitted from an eagerness to share. I’m passionate about what I do and it shows. The process is enjoyable, and the feeling of accomplishment is an end in itself.

Similarly, I learn quickly. This is quite a benefit, as you might expect. Especially when picking up new programming languages or software systems. Flexibility is often a key trait in team projects.

I’d like to show you a sample of the work I do. This is just one of the projects you can find in the Projects portion of the site.

NTR Metals Visit Site »

Built in PHP and Flash, this site was originally developed with a hand written CMS. It features a Flash intro style home, several movie backgrounds, and plots real time precious metal data.

Mark B. Priddy
(817) 791-4402

721 Ponderosa Drive
Hurst, Texas 76053

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